Changing Landscapes - Project & Team

Welcome to the Changing Landscapes Exhibit! 

Changing Landscapes St Vincent is a collaboration between communities in the Red Zone, scientists and artists. The aim is to share and document the experience of life and risk in the Red Zone. We are documenting the physical and social changes in the community while creating opportunities to express the value of life  and experience of risk in the Red Zone. 

This project is rooted in participatory storytelling, supplemented by the narrative embedded in measured data from a network of low-cost rain gauges. We have used photography, filmmaking, community walks and knowledge-sharing workshops. The series of community walks helped to decide on the best locations to capture rainfall data and allowed for inter-community exchanges. The Changing Landscapes teams deployed and maintain these rain gauges. 

 As time progresses, we can reconcile the measured data with the experience of risk as a consequence of heavy rainfall following La Soufriére’s eruption.  

Participants’ photography has already been showcased through a community exhibition in Sandy Bay and Kingstown. We have now collected almost a year's worth of data from 5 rain gauges. In March - April 2023, the group has been working with filmmakers to tell stories about their lived experience and the 2020-21 eruption. This will be premiered at the St Vincent film festival in May. 

In this exhibit we will showcase some of the work the group has been doing, and the data they have been collecting.

Meet the Changing Landscapes Team!

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Changing Landscapes - Project & Team