Perret in the Caribbean

Explore the life and work of Frank Perret: Social Volcanologist, Sensor, Networker.

Frank Perret spent many years living and working in the Caribbean. Although he operated outside of the European "scientific establishment", he was well-respected by those who came across him during his volcanic explorations! 

He was an early example of a social volcanologist, a pioneering "sensor" and expert "networker". Watch the video for an introduction to Frank Perret and his Caribbean adventures, then explore the rest of the exhibit to learn more! 

Database materials used in "Frank Perret in the Caribbean" video: 

  1. Letter: Perret to Day - 24th April 1934
  2. Letter: Perret to Day - 22nd May 1934
  3. Letter: Commissioner of Montserrat to Perret 9th June 1934
  4. Letter: Bell to Perret - 11th July 1934
  5. Telegram: Merriam to Perret - 8th October 1934
  6. Photos of Perret taken during the Royal Society expedition to Montserrat - 1936
Perret in the Caribbean