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Perret in the Caribbean

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Explore the life and work of Frank Perret: Social Volcanologist, Sensor, Networker.

Frank Perret spent many years living and working in the Caribbean. Perret's story is uncovered through his personal correspondence and tales of his adventures from those who met him. 

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Exploring the 1971-72 eruption of La Soufriére St Vincent

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How did patterns of unrest, eruption and governance impact the response to the 1971-72 eruption on St Vincent? 

In this exhibit we use archive materials to explore three facets of the response to this eruption. 

  • Uncertainty & Unrest
  • When is it a disaster? Why does it matter?
  • Scientists & instruments

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Observing the 1979 eruption of La Soufrière St Vincent

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A collection of photos and video taken by Sir Steve Sparks during the 1979 eruption of La Soufrière St Vincent. 

See the eruption through the scientists from the UK and the University of the West Indies Seismic Research Unit, who carefully monitored La Soufrière during the 1979 eruption.

This eruption was only the third eruption where volcanic sulphur was detected by satelite. 

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Accumulating Evidence - La Soufrière St Vincent 2020-21

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In December 2020, a new lava dome was spotted growing in the crater of La Soufrière St Vincent. It continued to grow until early April 2021 when an explosive eruption ocurred. 

This exhibit shows how scientists and observers collated data from many sources to gain a better understanding of the eruption.

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Changing Landscapes SVG

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Changing Landscapes SVG  is a collaboration between communities in the Red Zone, scientists and artists.

Explore the exhibit to learn about how they have been documenting life and risk in the Red Zone.

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Sensing Volcanoes at the Royal Society


From the 4th - 9th July 2023 the Curating Crises team is coming to the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition with our interactive exhibit SENSING VOLCANOES.

The Exhibit will highlight some of the stories we have uncovered from the archives, as well as challenge visitors to experience how scientists and communities use their senses to detect changes at volcanoes. 

Find out more about the event by browsing our online exhibit pages.  

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Montserrat murals


Explore a series of murals created in collaboration between Curating Crises, the Montserrat Volcano Observatory, Goodness Tours and school children and other members of the community on Montserrat.

Sensing Volcanoes online!

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Welcome to our online exhibit featuring content from the Sensing Volcanoes exhibition, as seen at the Royal Society from the 4th to the 9th of July 2023. 

Explore the online pages to learn more about the topics covered in the in-person exhibit!