La Soufrière 2020-21 Special Volume

During and after the 2020-21 eruption of La Soufrière, many scientists were involved in monitoring the volcano.

Teams from the University of the West Indies Seismic Research Centre (UWISRC) collaborated with colleagues from all over the world to gather and analyse as much information as possible about the eruption to help manage the crisis and reduce the hazards posed to the community. 

The collaborative effort then and since, has yielded crucial insights into various aspects of the eruption, ranging from volcanic hazard planning and response, through to our understanding of the deep volcanic system at La Soufriere, St Vincent. 

The first paper about the eruption was published in Nature Communications in July 2022.

Responding to eruptive transitions during the 2020–2021 eruption of La Soufrière volcano, St. Vincent details how the response to the eruption was managed and lessons learned for future eruptions in the Caribbean. 

A further series of academic papers have been written about the eruption already many of which are to be made openly available free of charge in a special volume of the UK Geological Society's academic journal. 

As these papers become available links will be added to the bottom of this page:

Explosive sequence of La Soufrière St Vincent April 2021: insights into drivers and consequences via eruptive products - P. D. Cole, J. Barclay, R. E. A. Robertson, S. Mitchell, B. V. Davies, R. Constantinescu, R. S. J. Sparks, W. Aspinall & A. Stinton

SO2 emissions during the 2021 eruption of La Soufrière St. Vincent, revealed with back-trajectory analysis of TROPOMI imagery - B. Esse, M. Burton, C. Hayer, R. Contreras-Arratia, T. Christopher, E. P.Joseph, M. Varnam & C. Johnson

Facts, Faith and Facebook: Science communication during the 2020–2021 La Soufrière, St. Vincent volcanic eruption - O. Graham, T. Thomas, A. Hicks, S. Edwards, A. Juman, A. Ramroop & R. Robertson

Monitoring volcano deformation at La Soufrière, St. Vincent during the 2020-21 eruption with insights into its magma plumbing system architecture - Michal Camejo-Harry, Karen Pascal, Pablo Euillades, Raphaël Grandin, Ian Hamling, Leonardo Euillades, Rodrigo Contreras-Arratia, Graham A. Ryan, Joan L. Latchman, Lloyd Lynch & Minjeong Jo

Petrology of the 2020-21 effusive to explosive eruption of La Soufrière volcano, St Vincent: Insights into plumbing system architecture and magma assembly mechanism - Gregor Weber, Jon Blundy, Jenni Barclay, David M. Pyle, Paul Cole, Holli Frey, Matthew Manon, Bridie V. Davies & Katharine Cashman

Growth and evolution of the lava dome and coulée during the 2020-21 eruption of La Soufrière, St Vincent - Adam J. Stinton

Petrology of the explosive deposits from the April 2021 eruption of La Soufrière volcano, St Vincent: a time-series analysis of microlitesH. M. Frey, M. R. Manon, J. Barclay, B. V. Davies, S. A. Walters, P. D. Cole,T. E. Christopher & E. P. Joseph

La Soufrière 2020-21 Special Volume