Sensing Volcanoes

Scientists, archivists & creatives from the Curating Crises project, present...SENSING VOLCANOES! 

An interactive exhibit coming to the Royal Society Summer Science exhibition  from the 4th - 9th July 2023. 


Most active volcanoes spend little of their time erupting. But quiet volcanoes are unsettling: the threat of eruption projects uncertainty about what might happen in the future.

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Leanka Henry, Geologist at the La Soufrière St Vincent monitoring unit sets up gas monitoring equipment on the rim of the crater produced after the 2021 explosive eruption of the volcano.

How can we sense what is happening now? And can we make sense of how volcanoes have behaved in the past? 


The Curating Crises team have been digging through the archives to uncover previously hidden stories of sensors, trace the evolution of instrumental detectors and demonstrate the value of imagination! 

Visitors to the exhibit will discover how communities and scientists SENSE changes at volcanoes, deploy instruments to DETECT signals from the subsurface and use their creativity and lived experiences to IMAGINE what those signals tell us about when and how a volcano might erupt in the future. 


Take a journey through time and space as you explore volcanic eruptions in the Caribbean through the eyes (& ears & noses!) of scientists & communities living & working there over the last 150 years...

Explore the SENSE, DETECT & IMAGINE pages for a taste of what we're bringing to Summer of Science! 

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Sensing Volcanoes